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At we know online advertising. For over 10 years we've grown our business and paid the bills by delivering ads to internet users through a variety of mediums and platforms. With the latest installment of GeoAds, we are capitalizing on this experience and industry partnerships by launching our newest ad-serving product – "Monetize Your AddOn".

Monetize Your AddOn allows Firefox developers to generate an income stream with zero programming! By simply adding a few lines of code to your next software release, you can start earning an income from your installed user base. As a Firefox AddOn Developer you're typically limited to the following under-performing compensation methods:

- Donations or contributions
- After Download pages
- Offering both free and Paid versions

If you want to be properly compensated for all the hard work you've completed, then consider the possibility of using your user base to generate income! After a user downloads your latest update, their browser will become an income-producing vehicle for you that displays relevant, non-spammy advertisements.

Your Firefox AddOn will be used to display advertisements for which you will be compensated through a revenue share model. If this turns your stomach, then is not the right solution for you. We use Javascript injection and remote javascript calls to include relevant advertisements when a user is browsing the web. These ads take the form of transitional full page ads via GeoAds' technology and network of advertising partners.

By partnering with, you'll be part of our large, growing, successful advertising network which includes the likes of: has been approved by AMO Editors! has developed JavaScript-based ad-serving technology to serve Transitional Advertisements that we feel are a great match for Firefox AddOns. contacted the AMO Editor Team to start a dialogue in order to develop and foster a positive and open relationship with the AMO Editor Team. Our goal is to pass the AddOn Update Review Process, with the GeoAds-included JavaScript receiving approval from the AMO Editor Team.

What Are Transitional Ads?

Transitional advertisements from are full-page ads displayed in between the present and expected website, and are only displayed when a user clicks a link to leave a website. Transitional ads appear ‘in between' websites, and are inserted between web pages, before the destination webpage is loaded. Transitional ads are paid by display, so each time an ad is displayed; the AddOn developer is making a little money.

How are the Ads Served? Transitional Ads do not involve creating new ads on publisher pages, or modifying existing ads on publisher sites. Instead, we're adding a completely new web page which is the advertisement. We realize it's not acceptable to unfairly benefit from the content created by a Publisher, nor is it an option to remove a Publisher's advertisements. The web page we're adding will be displayed when the user clicks a link to leave a website and visit another site, before the HTTP request is passed to the intended web server. The user is taken to a page on similar to this mockup page

What is the Ad-serving process?

Advertisers sign up with to have their ads periodically appear when a user is surfing the Web. technology only displays these ads when a user has clicked a link to leave the current Website in order to visit another Website.

Watch the video to learn more

Watch the video to learn more about how the ad-serving technology will integrate with your Firefox AddOn.

Download this AddOn to see our Ads working!

Checkout our AddOn with the embedded Ad-serving technology

I develop AddOns, What else do I need to know?

Who decides which ads appear? has strict guidelines for ads that it accepts into its network. All Ads must be manually approved before they enter our display network. In the event that an ad appears which is inappropriate, we will remove the ad as quickly as possible and ensure it is blocked from appearing again.


We're attempting to be 100% Transparent. We're not intentionally hiding anything or trying to confuse users with the display of these ads. Our goals are clear to both AMO and the AddOn users – we endeavor to earn money for both ourselves and the AddOn Developer, and we're operating in a manner that's hopefully clear to everyone involved.

No Surprises

This won't surprise users – we're making a focused effort to comply with the AMO ‘No Surprises' policy. As a rule, adheres to meeting user expectations and not contributing to unexpected user experiences. This starts by honestly communicating what changes are included with the new AddOn version, and in our case this means the user must understand the Firefox AddOn now displays Advertisements.

User Privacy Advertising JavaScript has little to no effect on user privacy. We don't expect users of the AddOn to compromise their online privacy and reveal any information about themselves, their actions, their preferences, etc. does not belong to any other ad-serving networks or have partnerships with any companies that share information about a users browsing experience. transitional advertisements are served either based on an IP address which is mapped to a geographic location, or ads are served ‘run of network' in which case ad-serving is 100% indiscriminate of the user.

User Security is safe for users and doesn't impact user security. The code will store a cookie on a user's computer in order to track whether the user has chosen to disable ads, as well as to track the number of monthly ad impressions, but with the exception of this, has no other interaction with the user's computer. Nothing is installed on the user's computer in order to display the ads, and does not require interaction with anything on the user's computer in order to properly function.

User Experience realizes we're altering the user experience, but we've designed the Transitional Ads to have a minimal effect on user experience. We realize these ads do impact the user's experience, but our research suggests the effect isn't negative or cumbersome. Since the ads only appear as the user is transitioning to a different website, the user isn't actively engaged in the page's content. The user has clicked a link and is expecting to be taken to a new page on a different website, which is a user-driven transition as a result of a user action. isn't implying these ads do not impact the user's experience, however since the display of ads will be part of the user's expectations based on the revised Terms for this Add-On, it's our belief there will be minimal impact to the overall user experience.

Opting Out

Users have 100% control over whether the ads are displayed and can easily opt-out with a simple mouse click. Opting out isn't hidden, misleading or difficult to navigate to. will explain to the user that the display of these ads is helping the AddOn developer financially, and we also give the user the option to adjust the ad display frequency. However if the user doesn't want to view these ads, opting out is simple and quick.

Compensation for AddOn Developers compensates AddOn Developers without requiring Users to come out of pocket financially. We believe this is a great way of generating income that will be supported by all potential stakeholders of this effort: AddOn Developers, Users, AMO Editors and GeoAds.

Publishers aren't Hurt

These advertisements won't hurt Publishers by taking advantage of their content, nor will it take away from their advertising revenues. The HREF replacement code only changes standard outbound links. will not change script created links (eg. AdSense), nor will it touch image links or other potential revenue-generating links.

Quality Code

The ad-serving JavaScript code for Transitional ads has been running for over 3 years and successfully served over 30 million page views. It is derived from our family of JavaScript-based ad-serving technology designed from the ground up to support high relevance with minimal client overhead for CPV, Pop-Up, InText, Full-page overlay ads and others. We've been serving these types of ads for over 7 years, and are confident in how well the software conforms to design, as it impacts the User's resources very little.


Developer Benefits Include:

  • Thousands of advertisers within our network
  • Maximized revenue per click keywords and key categories
  • Extensive bid depth
  • Highly targeted ads
  • Top payouts
  • Industry leading service from our account experts

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